RC3204, RC3205 Bf109G Correction Sets for Revell 1/32

RC3204, RC3205 Bf109G Correction Sets

RC3204, RC3205 Bf109G Correction Sets

Out of stock.

Our two new sets in 1/32: RC3204 Bf109G-5/6/14 Erla built and RC3205 Bf109G-6/14 Mtt./WNF built cowls for Revell. We offer both, Mtt and Erla cowls without PE parts (if you already have the exhaust shrouds: e.g. brassin provide them with exhaust pipes or some other PE sets have them, or you want to make them by yourself, you don’t  need it at all) with additional resin parts such as small square panels and small intakes at a lower price.

Parts list:
1. Cowling for Bf109G – 1 piece
2. Supercharger intake – 1 piece
3. Oil cooler fairing – 1 piece
4. Small panels (front of exhaust cutouts) – 2 pcs
5. Additional spark plug air scoops – 4 pcs.

Later we will provide our sets with PE plates, so you can wait a little more time.

ALM_6358 ALM_6361RC3204-box RC3205-box


ALM_4771 ALM_4764 ALM_4770 ALM_4761


ALM_6339 ALM_6343 ALM_6349 ALM_6352

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10 Responses to RC3204, RC3205 Bf109G Correction Sets for Revell 1/32

  1. Jennings says:

    Any word on the PE for the Bf109 cowlings??

  2. We will release it in some days.

  3. Michael Horina says:

    Just finished dry fitting the Earl cowling for a 109G-14. This is probably the best fitting after market item I ever bought. Main problem will be, the way Revell has you assemble the kit, figuring out how to glue/attach the cowl to the kit part. Hard to determine if the cowl is part resin and part vac but with careful sanding, and not a lot of that, it fits absolutely perfect. And IMHO fits better than the Revell parts. Great job. Please keep up the good work.
    Mike Horina

  4. WADOUX says:

    Just received your really fine RP3205 Mtt and WNF build aircraft Revell correction set !
    Waiting for other such quality kits for other Bf 109 1/32 aircrafts !
    I have 3 Revell Bf 109 G-10 waiting you !
    Friendly yours !

  5. WADOUX Gérard says:

    Well received your “ERLA” REVELL correcting set !
    So fine !
    Don’t think to make a G-10 “ERLA” Oil cooler fairing ( it seem it was différent from other G-10 an K-4 )
    Friendly yours
    Gérard .

  6. Alexey Matvienko says:

    There will be new oil cooler fairing in the correction set.

  7. Daniel VERLEYEN says:

    Hello Alexey

    Sorry to be a little obsessed but your correction set are so nice…

    When can we expect the G-10 Erla and Mtt/WNF correction set. I thought that the Erla was due for April .

    Did I dream ?

    Waiting eagerly for them .

    Long live A.M.U.R.


  8. Alexey Matvienko says:

    Hello Daniel

    Erla G-10 cowling is almost done. There is a little finishing work. Most of time was spent for research, not for handwork.

  9. Daniel VERLEYEN says:

    Hi Alexey

    Good news… so,a little bit more patience I suppose.

    What are going to be the most noticeable differences with the Revell one…

    Can you tell us (a little bit ) more ?…just to tease us , ….



  10. Alexey Matvienko says:

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