RC3204, RC3205 Bf109G корректирующие наборы for Revell 1/32

RC3204, RC3205 Bf109G корректирующие наборы для Revell

RC3204, RC3205 Bf109G корректирующие наборы для Revell

Нет в наличии.

Два наших новых набора в масштабе 1/32: корректирующие наборы для Revell RC3204 Bf109G-5/6/14 постройки Erla и RC3205 Bf109G-6/14 постройки Mtt./WNF.

Предлагаем оба набора, Mtt и Erla, без фототравленых деталей (возможно у вас уже есть дефлекторы (например Eduard Brassin, или вы изготовили их сами). В набор будут включены дополнительно детали перед выхлопами и малые воздухозаборники.

В состав набора входят:
1. Капот для Bf109G — 1 шт.
2. Воздухозаборник нагнетателя — 1 шт.
3. Маслорадиатор — 1 шт.
4. Панели перед выхлопами — 2 шт.
5. Воздухозаборники — 4 шт.

Немного позже будут выпущены наборы с ФТД.

ALM_6358 ALM_6361RC3204-box RC3205-box


ALM_4771 ALM_4764 ALM_4770 ALM_4761


ALM_6339 ALM_6343 ALM_6349 ALM_6352

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10 комментариев на «RC3204, RC3205 Bf109G корректирующие наборы for Revell 1/32»

  1. Jennings говорит:

    Any word on the PE for the Bf109 cowlings??

  2. Alexey Matvienko говорит:

    We will release it in some days.

  3. Michael Horina говорит:

    Just finished dry fitting the Earl cowling for a 109G-14. This is probably the best fitting after market item I ever bought. Main problem will be, the way Revell has you assemble the kit, figuring out how to glue/attach the cowl to the kit part. Hard to determine if the cowl is part resin and part vac but with careful sanding, and not a lot of that, it fits absolutely perfect. And IMHO fits better than the Revell parts. Great job. Please keep up the good work.
    Mike Horina

  4. WADOUX говорит:

    Just received your really fine RP3205 Mtt and WNF build aircraft Revell correction set !
    Waiting for other such quality kits for other Bf 109 1/32 aircrafts !
    I have 3 Revell Bf 109 G-10 waiting you !
    Friendly yours !

  5. WADOUX Gérard говорит:

    Well received your «ERLA» REVELL correcting set !
    So fine !
    Don’t think to make a G-10 «ERLA» Oil cooler fairing ( it seem it was différent from other G-10 an K-4 )
    Friendly yours
    Gérard .

  6. Alexey Matvienko говорит:

    There will be new oil cooler fairing in the correction set.

  7. Daniel VERLEYEN говорит:

    Hello Alexey

    Sorry to be a little obsessed but your correction set are so nice…

    When can we expect the G-10 Erla and Mtt/WNF correction set. I thought that the Erla was due for April .

    Did I dream ?

    Waiting eagerly for them .

    Long live A.M.U.R.


  8. Alexey Matvienko говорит:

    Hello Daniel

    Erla G-10 cowling is almost done. There is a little finishing work. Most of time was spent for research, not for handwork.

  9. Daniel VERLEYEN говорит:

    Hi Alexey

    Good news… so,a little bit more patience I suppose.

    What are going to be the most noticeable differences with the Revell one…

    Can you tell us (a little bit ) more ?…just to tease us , ….



  10. Alexey Matvienko говорит:

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