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  1. Del Davis says:

    Now that you have produced the Bf109 cowlings for the G6 , will produce a bulged cowling for the G-6AS?? It would seem like a natural progression and a great addition

  2. Ha-ha, I already thought about this 🙂 Yes, we will make this!

  3. Daniel VERLEYEN says:

    Hi Alexey

    Any idea of a release date of these Bf 109G-10 Erla and G-10 Mtt/WNF cowlings.

    I already have the 109G-6 cowlings ( beautiful) and I am now waiting for the G-10 ones before working on my Revell kits.

    Congratulation for your fine work

  4. Alexey Matvienko says:

    Hi Daniel.

    Both cowling + G-2 conversion will be ready in the beginning of 2015.

  5. Daniel VERLEYEN says:

    Hi Alexey

    That’s the best piece of news for the end of this year.

    No more need to cut and paste Hasegawa G-10 nose on Hasegawa or Revell G-6/G-10 fuselage ! plus all the fuss going along with…

    I am already eager to see your WIP !.

    Take your time and deliver us a top quality product , as for the G-6.

    And don’t forget to put me on your list !.

    Thanks .

    Best regards,


  6. Junya Taniguchi says:

    Oh…Bf 109G-10 Erla and G-10 Mtt/WNF correct cowlings are really needed for me!
    I am waiting for your next(Jan.2015?) update 🙂


  7. Thanks Junya.

    I think that we will release all this items in February/


  8. WADOUX Gérard says:

    Hello Alex,
    I would like to order your new G-10 “ERLA” Correction kit !
    All the best !
    Gérard .

  9. WADOUX Gérard says:

    Hello Alex,
    I would like to order your new G-10 “ERLA” correction kit .

  10. Kai R. Ingebrigtsen says:

    When will the G-2 conversion be released?

  11. Oh… It’s difficult to give exact answer. We are working on this set now alongside with G-6AS/G-10 sets. I think, this year we’ll complete them.

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