Cat #ScaleDescriptionImage
PE48011/48Modern USAF Chaff/Flare Dispensers
PE48021/48F-14D Tune-Up Set
PE48031/48F-14A Tune-Up Set
PE48041/48F-14 Tomcat Wing Gloves and Engine Cowls Hinges Sets
PE48051/48P-51D Mustang Cockpit and Radio Set
PE48061/48P-51D Mustang Wheelwells Set
PE48071/48F/A-18E/F/G Meshes Set
PE48081/48Su-27/33/35 Louvres and Meshes Set
PE48091/48Hunter Flaps and Airbrake Set
PE48101/48F/A-18A/B and Early C/D Louvres and Meshes SetURR_6234
PE48111/48F/A-18C/D Louvres and Meshes Set (Late)URR_6236
PE48121/48F-14 Tomcat Wing Gloves and Engine Cowls Hinges Set (ver. 2)URR_7971
PE48131/48F-84F Thunderstreak Airbrakes and ExteriorDSC_3196
PE48141/48Panavia Tornado ExteriorTornado_10
PE48151/48Modern A-10A/C Warthog Louvres & Meshes
RC48161/48F-14 Air Intake Ramps and Air Bleed Channels
RC48171/48Su-27/30/33/34 Engine Nozzles
PE48181/48Early F-14A Detail set for Tamiya
PE48191/48F-14 Stiffeners
PE48201/48Su-27/30 Louvres and Meshes
PE48211/48MiG-29 Exterior
RC48221/48Su-35S Engine Nozzles
RC48231/48Su-27/30 Engine Nozzles
RC48241/48Su-25 Nose Wheel Mud Guard
RC48251/48P-51 Flaps (for MENG)
PE48261/48Modern USAF Chaff/Flare Dispensers 1/48 (Version 2)
PE48271/48F-22 Raptor Exterior
PE48281/48R-77 (RVV-AE) Grid Fins
PE48291/48F-14D and A-late Detail Set for Tamiya
PE48301/48F-14D/F-16C F110 engine nozzle enhancement set for Tamiya
PE48311/48Su-33 Exterior
PE32011/32Modern USAF Chaff/Flare Dispensers
PE32021/32P-51D Mustang Useful Things
PE32031/32F-5E Tiger II Tune-Up Set
RC32041/32Bf109G-5/6/14 Erla Built Correction Set for Revell without PE parts
RC32051/32Bf109G-6/14 Mtt/WNF Built Correction Set for Revell without PE parts
RP32041/32Bf109G-5/6/14 Erla Built Correction Set for Revell with PE parts
RP32051/32Bf109G-6/14 Mtt/WNF Built Correction Set for Revell with PE parts
RC32061/32Bf109G-2/3/4/5/6/8/14 Spinner and Prop Blades
RC32071/32Bf109G-2/3/4/5/6/8/14 Supercharger Intake
PE32081/32Oil Cooler Meshes for Bf109E
PE32091/32Oil Cooler Meshes for late Bf109F, Bf109G-2/4
PE32101/32Oil Cooler Meshes for Bf109G-6/14DSCF1726
PE32111/32Oil Cooler Meshes for Bf109G-10/KDSCF1721
RC32121/32Bf109G-10/K Spinner and Prop BladesDSCF9209
RC32131/32Bf109G-6AS/G-10/K Supercharger IntakeDSCF9224
RC32141/32Bf109G-10 Erla Correction Sets for Revell without PE partsDSCF6182_1200
RP32141/32Bf109G-10 Erla Correction Sets for Revell with PE partsDSCF6182_1200
PE32151/32F/A-18C/D Louvres and MeshesPE3215_07
RC32161/32Modern USAF Chaff/Flare Dispensers
RC32171/32P-51 Flaps
RC14011/144PS-90 Engine Set

3 Responses to Catalog

  1. Charles Knell says:

    Fantastic level of detail you are offering.

    May you consider F-4 intake ramps sometime?

    A J79 engine set for the Tamiya kit and a Spey engine set for the pending Hong Kong Model British Phantoms would look as amazing as your F-18 perforated intake ramp set

  2. Hello and thanks!
    We are already thinking about the 1/32 and 48 Phantom multimedia detail sets.

  3. Charles Knell says:

    That’s excellent news Alexey.

    May I also suggest that you consider making an additional set sized to fit aftermarket full depth intake sets?

    Some modellers will want to replace the Tamiya and HKM intake parts with full length resin seamless replacement parts (such as D-Mold make), and it would be great if your parts and theirs complimented each other.

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